Spinal Instability

What Is Spinal Instability?

The spine is comprised of bones (called vertebrae), which stack on top of each other with a spongy material (called a “disc”) positioned in between each. As the disc degenerates, it loses tension, allowing the disc to bulge, which, in turn, allows increased movement in-between the vertebrae. This movement is called spinal instability. Spinal instability encourages arthritic overgrowth of the joints, as well as bone spurs.


Spinal instability produces significant and sudden back pain, which is caused when the vertebrae slide or rotate abnormally, irritating nerves and ligaments.

spinal instability, spine surgeons new york
spinal instability, spine surgeons new york

Treatment Options

At BSSNY, our surgeons use the most advanced surgical methods to treat the condition specifically, precisely, and with minimal damage to surrounding tissues, reducing patient risk and increasing long-term success.

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